Expedition Background

The Expedition is a feature that was first introduced as part of the update on February 09, 2017[1].

The goal is to build science factories, equipment and prototypes to send them on expeditions. It is possible to complete simultaneously research missions.

In total the player can accomplish 72 research missions.

Requirements for completion of all science buildings and prototypes:

Assets MBs Coins
Atmospheric Probe Equipment: 135 135 Megabucks sm 520,000 Coin sm
Deep-submergence Vehicle Equipment: 653 656 Megabucks sm 2,110,000 Coin sm
Drilling Machine Equipment: 958 998 Megabucks sm 2,110,000 Coin sm
Research Vessel Equipment: 1,430 1,520 Megabucks sm 2,110,000 Coin sm
Total: 3,176 3,309 Megabucks sm 6,850,000 Coin sm



Scientific Research Center (Research Missions)


Atmospheric Probes
Deep-submergence Vehicles
Drilling Machines
Research Vessels

Part Production Factories

Fuselage Plant
Research Equipment Plant
Nose Section Plant
Engine Plant
Tail Section Plant
Mechanical Arm Plant
Drillbit Plant
Engine Plant
Loading Bucket Plant
Track Gear Plant
Nose Section Plant
Propeller Plant
Bulkhead Plant
Engine Plant

Assembly Plants

Atmospheric Probe Assembly Plant
Deep-submergence Vehicle Assembly Plant
Drilling Machine Assembly Plant
Research Vessel Assembly Plant

Launch Sites

Atmospheric Probe Launchpad
Deepwater Vehicle Submergence Center
Launch Tunnel
Research Vessel Terminal
Expedition Area


Since May 30, 2019 players can compete against 29 other player in research contests.


Name Image Details Experience sm Reward Coin sm Reward Extra Congratulatory Text
Stratosphere Explorer
Achievement Stratosphere Explorer
Launch 15 atmospheric probes 500 Experience sm 50,000 Coin sm 1 Megabucks sm You launched 15 atmospheric probes and earned an achievement: Stratosphere Explorer. Be sure to tell your friends!
Underwater Expert
Achievement Underwater Expert
Launch 15 deep-submergence vehicles 1,000 Experience sm 100,000 Coin sm 3 Megabucks sm You launched 15 deep-submergence vehicles and earned an achievement: Underwater Expert. Be sure to tell your friends!
Geological Exploration Specialist
Achievement Geological Exploration Specialist
Launch 15 drilling machines 3,000 Experience sm 150,000 Coin sm 3 Megabucks sm You launched 15 drilling machines and earned an achievement: Geological Exploration Specialist. Be sure to tell your friends!
Ocean Explorer
Achievement Ocean Explorer
Launch 15 research vessels 4,000 Experience sm 200,000 Coin sm 5 Megabucks sm You launched 15 research vessels and earned an achievement: Ocean Explorer. Be sure to tell your friends!
Beginner Explorer
Achievement Beginner Explorer
Complete 20 missions 1,000 Experience sm 50,000 Coin sm 1 Megabucks sm You completed 20 research missions and earned a new achievement: Beginner Explorer. Be sure to tell your friends!
Research Mission Leader Complete 40 missions 2,000 Experience sm 100,000 Coin sm 2 Megabucks sm You completed 40 research missions and earned an achievement: Research Mission Leader. Be sure to tell your friends!
Outstanding Scientist Complete 60 missions 4,000 Experience sm 500,000 Coin sm 10 Megabucks sm You completed 60 research missions and earned a respectable achievement: Outstanding Scientist. Be sure to tell your friends!


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