Cosmic Conquest Background

The Cosmic Conquest is a feature that was first introduced as part of the update on September 19, 2016[1] and later an upgrade was pushed on January 26, 2017[2].

The goal is to build spaceport factories, equipment and prototypes to launch rockets. It is possible to complete simultaneously space missions while a rocket launch.

In total the player can accomplish 81 space missions.

Requirements for completion of all space buildings and prototypes:

Assets MBs Coins
Cargo Rocket Equipment: 192 210 Megabucks sm 520,000 Coin sm
Manned Rocket Equipment: 970 1,105 Megabucks sm 2,110,000 Coin sm
Orbital Shuttle Equipment: 1,420 1,573 Megabucks sm 2,110,000 Coin sm
Spaceship Equipment: 2,040 2,291 Megabucks sm 2,110,000 Coin sm
Interstellar Liner Equipment: 2,360 2,477 Megabucks sm 2,110,000 Coin sm
Total: 6,982 7,656 Megabucks sm 8,960,000 Coin sm



Space Research Bureau (Space Missions)


Cargo Rockets
Manned Rockets
Orbital Shuttles
Interstellar Liners

Part Production Factories

Cargo Rocket Hull Plant
Cargo Rocket Engine Plant
Rocket Nose Cone Plant
Manned Space Vehicle Plant
Rocket Airlock Plant
Manned Rocket Booster Plant
Shuttle Crew Compartment Plant
Space Shuttle Hull Plant
Space Shuttle Tailpiece Plant
Orbital Shuttle Engine Plant
Spaceship Crew Compartment Plant
Spaceship Hull Plant
Spaceship Tailpiece Plant
Spaceship Engine Plant
Interstellar Liner Nose Cone Plant
Interstellar Liner Body Plant
Interstellar Liner Plasma Reactor Plant
Interstellar Liner Engine Plant

Assembly Plants

Cargo Rocket Assembly Plant
Manned Rocket Assembly Plant
Orbital Shuttle Assembly Plant
Spaceship Assembly Plant
Interstellar Liner Assembly Plant


Cargo Rocket Launchpad
Manned Rocket Launchpad
Orbital Shuttle Launchpad
Spaceship Launchpad
Interstellar Liner Launchpad
Cosmic Conquest Area


Name Image Details Experience sm Reward Coin sm Reward Extra Congratulatory Text
Space Delivery Manager
Achievement Space Delivery Manager
Launch 15 Cargo Rockets 500 Experience sm 50,000 Coin sm 1 Megabucks sm You completed 15 cargo rocket launches and earned a new achievement: Space Delivery Manager. Tell your friends!
Manned Space Flight Director
Achievement Manned Space Flight Director
Launch 15 Manned Rockets 1,000 Experience sm 100,000 Coin sm 3 Megabucks sm You completed 15 manned rocket launches and earned a new achievement: Manned Space Flight Director. Tell your friends!
Space Systems Engineer
Achievement Space Systems Engineer
Launch 15 Orbital Shuttles 3,000 Experience sm 150,000 Coin sm 3 Megabucks sm You completed 15 orbital shuttle launches and earned a new achievement: Space Systems Engineer. Tell your friends!
Spaceship Commander
Achievement Spaceship Commander
Launch 15 Spaceships 4,000 Experience sm 200,000 Coin sm 5 Megabucks sm You completed 15 spaceship launches and earned a new achievement: Spaceship Commander. Tell your friends!
Space Flight Coordinator
Achievement Space Flight Coordinator
Complete 20 missions 1,000 Experience sm 50,000 Coin sm 1 Megabucks sm You completed 20 space missions and earned a new achievement: Space Flight Coordinator. Tell your friends!
Space Researcher Complete 40 missions 2,000 Experience sm 100,000 Coin sm 2 Megabucks sm You completed 40 space missions and earned a new achievement – Space Researcher. Tell your friends!
Space Agency Director Complete 60 missions 4,000 Experience sm 500,000 Coin sm 10 Megabucks sm You completed 60 space missions and earned a new achievement: Space Agency Director. Tell your friends!
Interstellar Liner Captain
Achievement Interstellar Liner Captain
Complete 15 interstellar liner launches 5,000 Experience sm 500,000 Coin sm 5 Megabucks sm You completed 15 interstellar liner launches and get an honorable achievement – Interstellar Liner Captain. Tell your friends!


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