See the full list of contracts here

Production Buildings and some special buildings allow a player to purchase contracts. Contracts are the primary (coin) income method in Megapolis.

Starting a Contract

  1. Contracts selection

    Contracts Selection, Household Goods building

    Select a Production Building that is currently idle.
  2. If a dialog window appears above the building, select the Contracts button, otherwise proceed to step 3.
  3. Search for the desired contract, there may be multiple pages of contracts available.
  4. Select 

A full list of contracts is available in the Contracts Category

Monitoring a Contract

Contract status
Select any active production building. An icon will appear showing the current active contract and the time remaining. There are several other buttons that may appear.

Collecting a Contract

Mini contract waiting
Any production building with the completed contract icon above it may be selected to collect the contract, just like collecting Coin sm from services or collecting Population sm from residential properties. If a dialog window appears above the production building when selected, select the Collect button.

Contract Expiration

As of April 17, 2015, it seems that contracts no longer expires. SQ Support verifies on SQ Forums

When a contract expires

A contract expires if it is not collected within the collection window. According to LID on the Social Quantum Forums, contract expiration is 150% of the cycle timer from the end of the contract. e.g., Fresh Vegetables have a 5 minute cycle timer. After the Fresh Vegetables contract completes, the player has 7.5 minutes to collect the contract or 12.5 minutes from starting the contract. However, Coffee Beans (from the same production building) have a 14 hour cycle timer. After the Coffee Beans contract completes, the player has 21 hours to collect the contract or 35 hours from the start of the contract.

Cleaning up a contract

A player can Clean Up an expired contract, which will clear the Production Building and return half the cost of the contract. e.g., Coffee Beans costs 750 Coin sm. Upon cleaning up an expired Coffee Beans contract a player will receive 375 Coin sm.

Neighbors can reset expired contracts through Assistance. It is not clear how long a reset Contract has before it expires again.
As of Mar 15, 2013, Android/iOS players attempting to start a contract must have on hand an amount of coin equal to the reward of the contract in order to start the contract. e.g., Starting a Fresh Vegetables contract costs 15 Coin sm and provides a reward of 300 Coin sm, but the Android/iOS requires players to have 300 Coin sm on hand in order to start the contract. NOTE: Only 15 Coin sm is deducted from the player when the contract begins.

Asking for Assistance

  1. Select an active Production Building
  2. When the dialog window appears, select Ask for Help button

Accepting Assistance

Assistance dialogs stacked
A dialog bubble will appear above a Production Building (looking like the image to the right) with the name of the player offer assistance. Selecting the Check-mark will accept the offered assistance. Selecting the X will reject the assistance; there is no penalty except that you lose the benefit of that assistance offer.
In the example photo to the right, there are two stacked dialog bubbles, meaning that there are two assistance offers pending against this building.
Assistance offers do not expire and if you do not accept them before the current contract completes, they will be available for the next contract queued to that production building.

Benefit of receiving assistance from neighbors

Normal contracts benefit from assistance by reducing the cycle time remaining by 10%. Therefore neighbor assistance is more valuable at the beginning of a contract than towards the end. e.g., if a Contract is 24 hours (1440 minutes) and a neighbor assists, then 144 minutes are deducted from the contract cycle (21 hours 44 minutes will remain). However, if a contract has 1 hour remaining (60 minutes) and a neighbor assets, then only 6 minutes will be deducted from the contract cycle (54 minutes will remain).

Learn what Contracts are available at each Production Building and assist neighbors with buildings that are more likely to be lengthy contracts.
Since time reduction is greater at the start of a contract, and since offers of assistance don't expire, it would be advantageous to delay accepting assistance offers until after you start the next contract. (e.g., 10 hour Large Ship Transport contract from the Ship Design Office is reduced to 6 hours 33 minutes after 4 assists. Making it 31 Coin sm/minute income compared to the Catamaran 6 hour contract 25 Coin sm/minute income, assuming no assists. But, selecting the Catamaran with four assists would decrease the contract from 6 hours to 3 hours 56 minutes, and increase the income from 25 Coin sm/minute to 38 Coin sm/minute.)
When selecting a contract, it is best to select a contract which has a high income but a moderate amount of time. Accepting assistance on a Fresh Vegetable (5 minute) or Venetian Blind (3 minute) contract does not make a lot of sense; accepting multiple assistance offers for short contracts makes even less sense.

Benefit of providing assistance to your neighbors

When selecting the Share button after using all assistance points in a neighbor's city, reputation does not immediately increase by 1. Instead the increase is seen when changing to another neighbor's city, making it appear that the last increase is +2 (or that visiting a neighbor results in a +1 to reputation). This is a display-only bug.

Special Contracts

Assistance increases reward, time not reduced

Special contracts

Search for Alien Artifacts contract, Main Laboratory Complex

Some contracts are special. Instead of reducing the cycle duration of the contract, some contracts benefit from neighbor assistance by increasing the income reward upon contract completion. The amount of increase varies by the contract. (e.g., the Main Laboratory Complex, Search for Alien Artifacts contract reward increases by 1000 coin for each neighbor that provides assistance. The Megapolis Arena, Open Training contract reward increases 750 for each neighbor that provides assistance.)

Special contracts reward the neighbor providing assistance with coin. As of March 2013, all rewards for assistance are 1500 coin, paid at the time the neighbor provides assistance.

Message exhibition match

Exhibition Match contract, Megapolis Arena

Special contracts do not require manual assistance. Instead, they send a message to each neighbor offering them an opportunity to assist with the contract. This assistance does not reduce the amount of manual assistance the neighbor can offer.

Neighbors can't reset expired Special Contracts

Because the contract is not eligible for manual assistance, an expired Special Contract also can't benefit from a neighbor's ability to reset the contract. The neighbor won't see an expired contract icon over the building, and can't click the building to reset the contract.

For Android and iOS users collecting a special contract, the money displayed over the building is different than the money displayed over the UI element for cash on hand.[1] The coin reward displayed over the building is the base contract reward. The amount displayed of the UI element for cash on hand is the actual amount.

Periodic update contracts

The Coastal Hotel, added in Update/04.23.2013, introduced a new special contract type. Coastal Hotel Tour Info

It is not yet known how these contracts work.

I've been doing some tours out of the Coastal Hotel, but the timer is really buggy. If I check the remaining time and then leave and come back later to check again, it shows me as being at the same time it was when I left the previous time. It also won't count down correctly if I keep the pop up open. The only way to get the accurate time or to trip the "return" of my tourists is to leave the game and log in again, so I have to keep an eye on the real life clock.[2]


  1. Confirmation needed on whether Facebook/PC players experience this as well.
  2. SQ forums, Bug Reporting (iOS and Android), Post #113