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Known as Alice to English speaking players, Masha is one of the most frequently used characters in Megapolis.

Older textures of characters
Charcter Masha (Old).png Masha
Charcter Edward (Old).png Edward
Charcter Factory.png Factory
Character Admiral.png Admiral
Character Captain.png Captain
Progress emergency@2x.png Emergency
Character Gambler.png Gambler
Character General.png General
Character Head Space Agency.png Head Space Agency
Character Manager.png Manager
Progress minister of tourism@2x.png Minister of Tourism
Character Minister of Tourism (Old).png Minister of Tourism II
Character President Association Riders.png President Association Riders
Character Santa Claus.png Santa Claus
Progress trainer@2x.png Trainer
Airman Archaeologist
Inspired by:
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Indiana Jones
Inspired by:
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Ellen Ripley
Deer Winter Demographist DJ Economy / Factory Edward Emergency Expert on Gambling Factory Winter Geisha Gisele
Inspired by:
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Lara Croft
Klara (Kakao) Marlen Berlin
Inspired by:
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Marilyn Monroe
Masha Masha (Halloween) Masha (Shakespeare) Masha (Remake) Matador
Inspired by:
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Lupita López
Miner Minister of Tourism Minister of Tourism (Las Megas) Minister of Tourism (Pirate) Minister of Tourism (Remake) Minister of Tourism (Rome) Minister of Tourism (Winter) Minister of Transport Odri (Paris) Oriental Man Peking Princess Power Rock n Roll
Inspired by:
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Elvis Presley
Sailor Scientist Senator Support Services Trainer Trainer (Remake) War Man
Character Airman.png Character Archaeologist.png Character Cosmonaut.png Character Winter Male.png Character Demographist.png Character DJ.png Character Economy.png Character Edward.png Character Emergency.png Character Expert on Gambling.png Character Factory Winter.png Character Geisha.png Character Gisele.png Character Klara.png Character Marlen Berlin.png Character Masha.png Character Masha (Halloween).png Character Masha (Shakespeare).png Character Masha (Remake).png Character Matador.png Character Miner.png Character Minister of Tourism.png Character Minister of Tourism (Las Megas).png Character Minister of Tourism (Pirate).png Character Minister of Tourism (Remake).png Character Minister of Tourism (Rome).png Character Winter Female.png Character Minister of Transport.png Character Odri (Paris).png Character Oriental Man.png Character Peking Princess.png Character Mike (Engineer).png Character Rock n Roll.png Character Sailor.png Character Scientist.png Character Senator.png Character Support Services.png Character Trainer.png Character Trainer (Remake).png Character War Man.png