There seems to be a new update ~30 Nov 2013 where construction items requiring building assets are automatically being bought and a "Complete the construction" "Finish building the ... right now!" task is being given.

While it might be good to not to have to fork up the coins to pay for the initial cnostruction of these buildings, My game play is fairly conservative when it comes to asset requiring contruction. As you get rewards by completing stages in terms of assets during timed quests, I prefer to chase after these timed quests.

This current bombardment of many buildings open for construction removes my control on working to this goal, makes me feel like my account has been hacked and completely buggers up the gameplay. I know the developers have got to make money somehow, but when dirty marketing ploys take over the game entirely why would I bother. Hopefully this is just a passing misguided bug/feature soon to be removed. 03:13, December 1, 2013 (UTC)Paul

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