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Production Buildings were one of the main source of income in Megapolis. They grant access to a variety of contracts, all which take different lengths of time to complete. This means that you should choose which production buildings you purchase. If you have frequent access to the game, you should choose a production building with short contracts (they offer the higher level of coins per minute), such as the Household Goods Store. If you only log in once a day, using long contracts that have longer expiration times such as the Car Dealership.

See also Real World Buildings: Production + Resources.

After an update in January 2020, production buildings that have been purchased from the store are no longer available, replaced by stores and factories of the industrialization

In the game, there are two different types of production buildings:

Primary Production Buildings

Production buildings are immediately available for production after their construction phase is complete. They can be purchased at the store.

Pre-2020 production buildings

This buildings are currently unavailable for purchase. All existing buildings built before the update still works.

The player is limited in how many primary production buildings they can place, based on their current population. Initially, you can only build three production buildings, but as your current population rises you can build more.[1]

Buildings Allowed Total Population Population sm.png
3 -
4 1,500
5 5,000
6 10,000
7 15,000
8 45,000
9 100,000
10 500,000
11-19 Every +500,000

Special Production Buildings

Special production buildings can be purchased without regard to current population but can require Assets to complete construction and access the corresponding Contracts. There are two different types of special production buildings.

Fixed Special Production Buildings

Fixed special production buildings can be built only in a fixed place in the map. They can be purchased at their construction sites.


Tourist Island

Rocky Mountains

Las Megas

Industrial Complex

Unfixed Special Production Buildings

Unfixed special production buildings can be placed anywhere in the playable game area. They can be purchased at the store.

Not available buildings


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