Extra buildings comprise different classes of buildings that are either related to the Stock Exchange or are obtained through roulette style Wheel of Fortune games or limited time special items.

Stock Exchange Buildings

Stock Exchange Play iOS

Stock Exchange buildings are a collection of three buildings that are associated with a stock market game.

After buying the Stock Exchange, a player can "Play" the market once each day. After clicking the "Play" button, a running graph goes up and down, simulating the day's market activity, then stops above or below the 0 points baseline. The player receives 1-10 points per Play. Players get one free Play with the Stock Exchange and one additional Play each for the completed National Bank of Megapolis and Megapolis Federal Reserve. Additional Plays can also be purchased for 1 Megabucks sm each. Scores are cumulative until the reward is accepted, but cannot be carried over to subsequent days. Thus, a player with all three buildings may choose to take one, two, or three sets of rewards per day, depending on the rewards they desire.

Rewards are shown in the horizontal window below the bar graph based on total points achieved and rewards at certain point values change each day while others are fixed. The minimum number of points required to win each reward is shown under its icon. Each time the player accepts a reward, they receive the two rewards shown in the window. Again, consecutive Plays in the same game day can be used cumulatively to reach higher scores.

There is a Jackpot of 1,000 Megabucks sm for achieving 100 points, however, only a very small number of players seem to have won the Jackpot, because the stock market may end with a negative value for purchased Plays, ending the trading session and requiring the player to accept whatever rewards are shown at that point. In other words, spending Megabucks sm to purchase additional plays does NOT guarantee that one will eventually earn the Jackpot.

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