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Mini under construction Construction could refer two two different construction types:

Normal Construction

City hall tiered access small

Screenshot from PC/Facebook

Normal construction (construction that does not require any assets to complete the construction) requires a certain amount of time to complete. That time is specified for each building on the shopping tile.

Buildings that are purchased using Megabucks sm are always completed in 1 minute.

Otherwise, the building construction time is specified under or at the bottom of the purchase tile.

Note: Buildings purchased with coin may be  resold for 20% of their original value; however, buildings purchased with megabucks only have a resell value of 1% of their original coin cost. Given this fact, players might consider reserving megabucks for purchases that they will not likely want to resell.

Construction Projects

Megapolis arena part 3

The Megapolis Arena level 3, requiring four different asset types to construct. This construction requires four levels in total to complete. (On Facebook, each level is displayed in the Construction Project screen. On iOS/Android, the display only shows the current level.)

  • After paying the initial construction cost (which may require Coin sm or Megabucks sm), each project requires a number of assets.
  • Some projects progress in levels and require multiple levels to achieve final completion.
  • The number megabucks required is stated on the corresponding Construction Project Article.
  • Projects require a different quantity and types of assets to complete.

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