Assets are used throughout Megapolis to construct buildings. Their cost ranges between 1-4 Megabucks Megabucks sm. They are also received from Model Neighbors once per day and can be gifted to and from other Neighbors once per day, with the clock resetting at approximately 6:00 pm US Eastern Daylight Time (10:00 pm UTC) each day. Assets may also be received as one of the daily gifts for playing on consecutive days, and as rewards for completing Quests.

For a list of all assets with their corresponding images and prize, see Asset Index.
A maximum of 512 Assets only can be stored at any one time in your Received Gifts List.

However once Assets are assigned and the numbers reduced to below 512 - 'hidden' Assets previously received from Neighbors will continue to 'reappear' on each game 'restart'.

Continue to assign or sell Assets followed by a Restart until the number stored is below 512 - at which point all outstanding 'hidden' Assets will have been recovered.

Activate the "Acceptable" option in the Gift section (bottom right of screen) for quick access to all current useable Assets for both assigning and gifting.

Prior to the iOS App update on 08.06.2013, it was possible for a player to accumulate dozens or hundreds of assets in the Send Gifts list, increasing the likelihood that the player would be able to send neighbors an asset from their wishlist every day. However, as of this update, the Send Gifts tab always holds only as many assets as the player has neighbors, thus limiting the odds that a player will be able to give more than a few neighbors assets that are on their wishlists.

A partial workaround to this change involves restarting the app after sending the firs set of gifts, which will usually add new assets to the Send Gifts list to maintain the same number of assets as the player has neighbors. This may increase the odds that one of the new assets is on the wishlist of one of the player's neighbors. However, this does not always work and it has been posted that the new gifting process is according to SQ's original intent.[1]

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