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Quest Blue Flame
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"Is the blue flame in Las Megas a new tourist attraction or a danger to the city? Be quick and find out!"

Blue Flame is a Las Megas Timed Quest in which the player has 192 hours to build and upgrade a total of 5 new fixed structures with assets leading to exclusive rewards. It was released as part of an update on May 05, 2016.[1]

"Unbelievable news! The mountain in Las Megas is burning with a blue flame. The citizens are worried about the nature of this strange event. You need to research it as soon as possible!"
"The residents would like the mayor to: investigate the event"
"Study the blue flame: built the Natural Disaster Department, Air Filtration Service and other buildings. Solve the mystery and get a prize!"


Blue Flame Background
Blue Flame Background


This timed quest requires 550 Megabucks sm (for assets, if purchased) and 2,387,450 Coin sm (for contracts, diagrams, buildings and foundation purchases) in total.

Stage 1 - Flame of Las Megas

Quest Flame of Las Megas
"Unbelievable! One of the mountains in Las Megas is burning with a blue flame. It has to be seen to be believed!"
"The mountain in Las Megas is burning with a blue flame! Hurry over there!"

Visit Las Megas 5 Go to Las Megas


Excellent, now its time to figure out what's going on here!
  • 300 Experience sm
  • 700 Coin sm

Stage 2 - Natural Disaster Department

Quest Natural Disaster Department
"The mountain continues to burn with its blue flame! The newspapers are full of exciting headlines and everyone is trying to guess the cause of this unusual event. What is the real reason for it?"
"Start building the Natural Disaster Department to find out how dangerous the flame is."

Natural Disaster Department Construction Lay the Natural Disaster Department Foundation
Costs: 50,000 Coin sm or 5 Megabucks sm
Gives: 200 Experience sm, 150 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 10,000 Population Limits


Great, the first reports from your experts will be ready soon! You get building materials as a reward.

Stage 3 - Breaking News!

Quest Breaking News!
"The whole city is excited about the news of the blue flame! Lots of people want to see this natural wonder. Will it become a new tourist attraction in Las Megas?"
"Start building the Volcanic Souvenir Shop and Phoenix Tourism Center! Thousands of tourists are about to come to Las Megas!"

Natural Disaster Department L1 Build the Natural Disaster Department
05 x Glass Asset Glass
05 x Hard Hat Asset Hard Hat (from Stage 2 above)
Gives: 200 Experience sm, 750 19px-CapitalPoints.png , 23,000 Population Limits and access to Launching a Sampling Drone and Article on Blue Flames in Megapolis News contracts at Natural Disaster Department
Phoenix Tourism Center Construction Lay the Phoenix Tourism Center Foundation
Costs: 50,100 Coin sm or 3 Megabucks sm
Gives: 500 Experience sm, 200 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 6,700 Population Limits
Volcanic Souvenir Shop L0 Start building the Volcanic Souvenir Shop
Costs: 777,000 Coin sm or 3 Megabucks sm
Gives: 920 Experience sm, 300 19px-CapitalPoints.png , 11,000 Population Limits, access to Selling Volcanic Rock Souvenirs contract at Natural Disaster Department and 1,100 Coin sm, 180 19px-CapitalPoints.png , 33 Experience sm every 10 hours


Well done! You built the Natural Disaster Department. Want to share the news with your friends?
  • 410 Experience sm
  • 1,800 Coin sm

Stage 4 - Phoenix Tourism Center

Quest Phoenix Tourism Center
"The leading minds of science think that there is flammable gas in the depths of the mountain, and they are preparing to launch an analysis drone. What will the investigation reveal?"
"It's time to solve the mystery! Find out the secret of the blue flame using the analysis drone. Don't forget to build the Phoenix Tourism Center!"

Phoenix Tourism Center L1 Build the Phoenix Tourism Center
05 x Chain-Link Fencing Asset Chain-Link Fencing
05 x Weather Balloon Asset Weather Balloon
Gives: 700 Experience sm, 900 19px-CapitalPoints.png , 16,700 Population Limits and access to Extreme Advertising Campaign contract at Natural Disaster Department
Gas Institute Construction Lay the Gas Institute Foundation
Costs: 69,600 Coin sm or 3 Megabucks sm
Gives: 500 Experience sm, 700 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 5,000 Population Limits
Contract Launching a Sampling Drone Accept the Launching a Sampling Drone contract
Requires: Natural Disaster Department (Level 1)
Costs: 170 Coin sm and 15 minutes
Gives: 730 Coin sm, 70 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 7 Experience sm upon completion


You're doing great! You receive free materials – be sure to tell your friends!

Stage 5 - Mystery of the Blue Flame

Quest Mystery of the Blue Flame
"The analysis shows that the blue flame is the result of burning sulfur dioxide. Underground tremors have opened the way for the gas to get to the surface of the mountain. One small spark and it all caught fire!"
"Build the Gas Institute to determine the exact composition of the gas from the blue mountain. Run an advertising campaign to attract even more tourists!"

Gas Institute L1 Build the Gas Institute
10 x Control Console Asset Control Consoles
10 x Insulation Asset Insulation (from Stage 4 above)
15 x Pipes Asset Pipes
Gives: 600 Experience sm, 1,700 19px-CapitalPoints.png , 12,000 Population Limits and access to Determining Gas Composition contract at Natural Disaster Department
Contract Extreme Advertising Campaign Complete the Extreme Advertising Campaign contract
Requires: Phoenix Tourism Center (Level 1)
Costs: 430 Coin sm and 30 minutes
Gives: 1,900 Coin sm, 70 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 17 Experience sm upon completion
Air Filtration Service Construction Lay the Air Filtration Service Foundation
Costs: 66,000 Coin sm or 3 Megabucks sm
Gives: 900 Experience sm, 300 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 6,000 Population Limits


Excellent, the mystery of the blue flame has been solved! Your reward is the Fire Museum. Want to tell your friends?

Stage 6 - Souvenirs

Quest Souvenirs
"The burning mountain is an active volcano. That means that there is plenty of volcanic rock there that can be used to make great souvenirs!"
"Amazing! Lots of tourists have come to the blue mountain. It looks like a single tourism center isn't enough – you're going to need a whole complex!"

Phoenix Tourism Center L2 Upgrade the Phoenix Tourism Center to the Phoenix Tourism Complex
15 x Polymer Pipes Asset Polymer Pipes
10 x Sand Asset Sand
15 x Surveillance Systems Asset Surveillance Systems
Gives: 900 Experience sm, 1,750 19px-CapitalPoints.png , 26,700 Population Limits, access to Climbing an Active Volcano contract at Natural Disaster Department and 2,500 Coin sm, 255 19px-CapitalPoints.png , 88 Experience sm every 11 hours
Contract Selling Volcanic Rock Souvenirs Accept the Selling Volcanic Rock Souvenirs contract
Requires: Volcanic Souvenir Shop
Costs: 850 Coin sm and 1 hour
Gives: 3,700 Coin sm, 70 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 36 Experience sm upon completion


Good work! Keep it up!
  • 600 Experience sm
  • 4,000 Coin sm

Stage 7 - 'Impulse' Photo Gallery

Stage 8 - Clean Air

Quest Clean Air
"The burning of gas results in hazardous emissions into the atmosphere. Take care of the environment in the city and build the Air Filtration Service!"
"Build the Air Filtration Service Frame and climb the active volcano!"

Air Filtration Service L1 Build the Air Filtration Service Frame
15 x Glass Asset Glass
10 x Foam Glass Asset Foam Glass
10 x Laser Level Asset Laser Level
15 x Sling Hooks Asset Sling Hooks
15 x Steel Sheets Asset Steel Sheets
10 x Welding Machine Asset Welding Machine
10 x Welding Wire Asset Welding Wire (5 from Stage 7 above)
Gives: 1,200 Experience sm, 1,800 19px-CapitalPoints.png , 15,000 Population Limits
Contract Climbing an Active Volcano Accept the Climbing an Active Volcano contract
Requires: Phoenix Tourism Complex (Level 2)
Costs: 7,800 Coin sm and 5 hours
Gives: 31,500 Coin sm, 70 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 300 Experience sm upon completion


You've done it! Continue construction and then Las Megas will have another source of power!
  • 800 Experience sm
  • 5,800 Coin sm

Stage 9 - International Gas Institute

Quest International Gas Institute
"The research showed that the blue flame was the result of burning sulfur dioxide gas. It's temperature reaches 600 degrees Celcius! That's a huge amount of energy!"
"Build the International Gas Institute and hold the ‘Blue Mountains’ photo exhibition. Don’t forget to invite your friends!"

Gas Institute L3 Upgrade the Regional Gas Institute to the International Gas Institute
15 x Concrete Slabs Asset Concrete Slabs
15 x Filter Asset Filters
15 x Gas Pumping System Asset Gas Pumping System
15 x Iron Beams Asset Iron Beams
15 x Light Table Asset Light Table
15 x Polymer Pipes Asset Polymer Pipes
Gives: 1,000 Experience sm, 4,800 19px-CapitalPoints.png , 34,000 Population Limits, access to Energy Potential Assessment contract at Natural Disaster Department and 4,100 Coin sm, 480 19px-CapitalPoints.png , 140 Experience sm every 14 hours
Contract Blue Mountains' Photo Exhibition Complete the 'Blue Mountains' Photo Exhibition contract
Requires: 'Impulse' Photo Gallery
Costs: 10,000 Coin sm and 7 hours
Gives: 45,000 Coin sm, 90 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 450 Experience sm upon completion


Well done! You get building materials for your hard work. Look in your Storehouse!

Stage 10 - Flame Energy

Quest Flame Energy
"Just a little left! All you need to do now is assess the energy potential of the blue mountain to calibrate all of the systems of your new Thermal Power Station."
"Build the Air Filtration Service and assess the energy potential of the burning mountain together with your friends!"

Air Filtration Service L2 Build the Air Filtration Service
15 x Air Conditioning System Asset Air Conditioning System (10 from Stage 9 above)
15 x Air Extractor Asset Air Extractor
15 x Aluminum Profile Asset Aluminum Profile
15 x Crushed Granite Asset Crushed Granite
15 x Diesel Generator Asset Diesel Generator
05 x Express Elevator Asset Express Elevator
15 x Motion Sensors Asset Motion Sensors
15 x Floor Slabs Asset Floor Slabs
Gives: 1,300 Experience sm, 4,800 19px-CapitalPoints.png , 33,000 Population Limits and 5,100 Coin sm, 530 19px-CapitalPoints.png , 170 Experience sm every 17 hours
Contract Energy Potential Assessment Accept the Energy Potential Assessment contract
Requires: International Gas Institute (Level 2)
Costs: 18,900 Coin sm and 9 hours
Gives: 82,400 Coin sm, 90 19px-CapitalPoints.png and 790 Experience sm upon completion


Great! You have enough sulfur to supply the city for decades! Your reward is the Blue Bird Power Station! Want to tell your friends?


For completing Stage 5

For completing Stage 10

Achievement after getting the Blue Bird Power Station
Achievement Tamer of the Blue Flame
"You have discovered the mystery of the blue flame and you can use it to benefit your Las Megas! You earned a new achievement – Conqueror of the Blue Flame! Tell your friends!"
  • 30,000 Coin sm
  • 1,000 Experience sm
  • 3 Megabucks sm


  • Social Quantum's internal name for this quest is "Синее пламя" which translates to "Blue flame".
  • Social Quantum's ID for this quest is 10076130.


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