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Qoushik Qoushik 14 March

WOF: 2015+2016

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Qoushik Qoushik 10 August 2020

RWB Unknown

This is still under construction. Some "structures" may be already known and have RWB Image attached, those will be updated in due time.
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Audi946 Audi946 25 October 2019

Bring back some of the old timed quest

Any chance of bringing back some of the old time quests such as the painting units and Times Square? I think new players should be given chance to complete the map as well and I believe this can bring good profit to the game as well because many players like myself will have to grind and finish those quest. This can also increase incentives to play this game continually. Seeing other people’s state having so many more infrastructure and then mine not even given an option to build is disappointing to say the least. I would understand if you can’t get back the architectures from the the previous wheel of fortunes, but the ones that is on the map such as the national laboratory should be able to earn back through completely quest like the oth…

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Coelhoalicesar Coelhoalicesar 6 November 2016

roundabout for megapolis game

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Qoushik Qoushik 18 July 2015

What You Want To See: Features

Ever thought of something that might make the gameplay simpler? Share with us too.

  • 1 Production Headquarters
  • 2 Greeting Neighbour
  • 3 Confirmation on spending Megabuck on PC
  • 4 New Game Zone
    • 4.1 "Futureville"
    • 4.2 "On the Mars" / "Martian Valley"

Production Headquarters might be a government building (in each zone separately or one united on mainland) which will inform the player about all the running production contracts. It might tell us how long it will take to finish a certain running contract. While clicking on the name, it might take us to the building's location. This feature will not affect any profitability changes to the actual gameplay because contracts do not expire.

The idea is to show a message when someone visits the player. It'll be preset by…

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Qoushik Qoushik 18 July 2015

What You Want To See: Events

Share with us what events would you like to see in the game. Events might include timed quest, World Capital or World Architecture, special events (festivals and occasions like Earth Day or Thanksgiving).

  • Pakistan
  • Iraq
  • Korea

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Mikeverwegen Mikeverwegen 5 July 2015


If you would like to see a building in the game, leave a comment below and I will add your suggestion to the list.

... suggestions have been added to this list, whereof ... have been added to the game.

See also What You Want To See: Real World Buildings by Qoushik

  • 1 Afghanistan
  • 2 Australia
  • 3 Austria
  • 4 Belgium
  • 5 Brazil
  • 6 Bulgaria
  • 7 Canada
  • 8 China
  • 9 Croatia
  • 10 Czech Republic
  • 11 Egypt
  • 12 Estonia
  • 13 Finland
  • 14 France
  • 15 Georgia
  • 16 Germany
  • 17 Hungary
  • 18 Iceland
  • 19 India
  • 20 Ireland
  • 21 Israel
  • 22 Italy
  • 23 Japan
  • 24 Jordan
  • 25 Libya
  • 26 Mali
  • 27 Moldova
  • 28 Monaco
  • 29 Montenegro
  • 30 Netherlands
  • 31 Norway
  • 32 Pakistan
  • 33 Peru
  • 34 Poland
  • 35 Russia
  • 36 San Marino
  • 37 Schotland
  • 38 Slovakia
  • 39 Slovenia
  • 40 Spain
  • 41 Sweden
  • 42 Switzerland
  • 43 Turkey
  • 44 UAE
  • 45 Ukraine
  • 46 United Kingdom (UK)
  • 47 United States of America (USA)
  • 48 Vatican City

  • Building: Austrian Parliam…

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Qoushik Qoushik 5 May 2015

What You Want To See: Real World Buildings

The number of buildings in Megapolis are rapidly increasing. And for that reason SQ is relying more on using real world building models. In this blog, we'd like to know which buildings you want to see in the game.

If you would like to add a building to this list, do comment below and let us know!

Happy building!

See also Suggestions by Mikeverwegen
See also What You Want To See: Events and What You Want To See: Features
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Sue88Brown Sue88Brown 15 February 2014

Daily gifts from friends

How do some people ask for a specific gift from a specific friend? And, how is it more than every 24 hours?

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RWalt RWalt 16 April 2013

Contracts Expiration dispute

On Android/SQ-Network contracts expires 150% timer duration after starting (or 50% beyond the time when the contract can be collected.) This matches LID's post on the SQ forums, he is on iOS and (I believe) SQ-Network Jcw391 (talk) 14:24, April 16, 2013 (UTC)

Also, in response to RWalt's statement (on his edit) "this is what his post meant, and is consistent with my own experience (i usu collect a 6hr contract 12+ hours after it starts)" this would be 200% from start, or 100% from completion, not 150% from start. That was my original theory (that contract expiration timer was equal to the contract completion timer), but LID is the one who convinced me to re-test with his statements that the expiration timer was 50% the completion timer.

I do…

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Jcw391 Jcw391 9 April 2013

Log files

  1. Connect your device to your PC.
    1. For Android users:
      1. After you have successfully connected your device with your computer, you will see your device as the Removable Flash Disc which stores all your phone/tablet files.
      2. Open the Removable Flash Disc, find the folder "/Android/data/com.socialquantum.acityint/"
    2. For iOS users:
      1. Download the program iPhone Explorer ([1]) on your computer.
      2. Connect your device to your PC and open iPhone Explorer.
      3. Find the folder Apps/Megapolis/Documents.
  2. Find the following files from this folder to your computer:
  3. Put these files into an archive and attach it here, so we could investigate the matter. You may also downl…
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Bazj Bazj 3 April 2013

XP per Hour

Is it worth adding the amount of XP that can be earned per hour to give an indication to those who would like to focus on earning XP rather than coin.  You seem to get a healthy boost when transitioning between levels and this may help those who just want to tip over quickly.

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