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"Build a launchpad. You need one to launch probes on aerial expeditions."

The Atmospheric Probe Launchpad is spaceport equipment located west of Seaside. It was originally introduced on Thu February 9, 2017 as part of the timed quest called Exploring the Earth.[1]

A total of 10,000 Coin sm.png worth diagrams are needed to complete construction of the Atmospheric Probe Launchpad.




Level 1 Atmospheric Probe Launchpad

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Draft Blueprint Asset Draft Blueprint.png 2x 5,000 Coin sm.png 10,000 Coin sm.png
2 Diagrams 10,000 Coin sm.png

Launch Contracts

Name Coin sm.png Reward Missions
Icon AP-16 Atmospheric Probe.png
AP-16 Atmospheric Probe
40,000 Coin sm.png
Icon AP-28 Atmospheric Probe.png
AP-28 Atmospheric Probe
75,000 Coin sm.png
Icon AP-33 Atmospheric Probe.png
AP-33 Atmospheric Probe
95,000 Coin sm.png
Icon AP-41 Atmospheric Probe.png
AP-41 Atmospheric Probe
100,000 Coin sm.png
Icon AP-59 Atmospheric Probe.png
AP-59 Atmospheric Probe
130,000 Coin sm.png
Icon AP-66 Atmospheric Probe.png
AP-66 Atmospheric Probe
150,000 Coin sm.png


LevelPopulation LimitsXPPowerWaterAdditional Access
Level 08,000 Population Limits.png (+8,000)500 Experience sm.png (+500)10 Power sm.png (+10)10 Water sm.png (+10)
Level 118,000 Population Limits.png (+10,000)1,000 Experience sm.png (+500)35 Power sm.png (+25)25 Water sm.png (+15)
Total/Max18,000 Population Limits.png1,500 Experience sm.png35 Power sm.png25 Water sm.png


SQ Internal Info:
  • Name: Стартовая площадка атмосферных зондов (translates to Launch pad atmospheric probes)
  • ID: 10100824 (atmospheric_sounders_launching_pad_place)