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"Build and upgrade the plant to assemble models of atmospheric probes."

The Atmospheric Probe Assembly Plant is a spaceport factory located west of Seaside. It was originally introduced on Thu February 9, 2017 as part of the timed quest called Exploring the Earth.[1]

A total of 15 assets and additional 170,000 Coin sm.png worth diagrams are needed to complete construction of the Atmospheric Probe Assembly Plant. This is equivalent to 15 Megabucks sm.png if one were to buy every asset instead of waiting to receive them from neighbors.




Level 1 Atmospheric Probe Assembly Plant

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Draft Blueprint Asset Draft Blueprint.png 2x 5,000 Coin sm.png 10,000 Coin sm.png
2 Diagrams 10,000 Coin sm.png

Level 2 Atmospheric Probe Assembly Plant

Requirements: Completion of Collecting Data on Atmospheric Phenomena mission

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Rebar Asset Rebar.png 5x 1 Megabucks sm.png 5 Megabucks sm.png
Simple Diagram Asset Simple Diagram.png 1x 60,000 Coin sm.png 60,000 Coin sm.png
5 Assets
1 Diagram
5 Megabucks sm.png
60,000 Coin sm.png

Level 3 Atmospheric Probe Assembly Plant

Requirements: Completion of Predicting Weekly Downpour mission

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Cement Asset Cement.png 5x 1 Megabucks sm.png 5 Megabucks sm.png
Insulation Foam Asset Insulation Foam.png 5x 1 Megabucks sm.png 5 Megabucks sm.png
Standard Diagram Asset Standard Diagram.png 1x 100,000 Coin sm.png 100,000 Coin sm.png
10 Assets
1 Diagram
10 Megabucks sm.png
100,000 Coin sm.png

Assembly Contracts

Atmospheric Probe Assembly Plant: Contracts
Name Prototype Tiles Time XP Experience sm.png Requirements
AP-16 Atmospheric Probe L0.png
AP-16 Atmospheric Probe
AP-16 Fuselage.png
AP-16 Fuselage
AP-16 Research Equipment.png
AP-16 Research Equipment
15,000 Coin sm.png
15 minutes
20 Experience sm.png
AP-28 Atmospheric Probe L0.png
AP-28 Atmospheric Probe
AP-28 Fuselage.png
AP-28 Fuselage
AP-28 Research Equipment.png
AP-28 Research Equipment
25,000 Coin sm.png
30 minutes
30 Experience sm.png
AP-33 Atmospheric Probe L0.png
AP-33 Atmospheric Probe
AP-33 Fuselage.png
AP-33 Fuselage
AP-33 Research Equipment.png
AP-33 Research Equipment
30,000 Coin sm.png
45 minutes
30 Experience sm.png
AP-41 Atmospheric Probe L0.png
AP-41 Atmospheric Probe
AP-41 Fuselage.png
AP-41 Fuselage
AP-41 Research Equipment.png
AP-41 Research Equipment
35,000 Coin sm.png
1 hour
35 Experience sm.png
AP-59 Atmospheric Probe L0.png
AP-59 Atmospheric Probe
AP-59 Fuselage.png
AP-59 Fuselage
AP-59 Research Equipment.png
AP-59 Research Equipment
45,000 Coin sm.png
1 hour 30 minutes
45 Experience sm.png
AP-66 Atmospheric Probe L0.png
AP-66 Atmospheric Probe
AP-66 Fuselage.png
AP-66 Fuselage
AP-66 Research Equipment.png
AP-66 Research Equipment
50,000 Coin sm.png
2 hours
60 Experience sm.png


Level XP Power Water Additional Access
0 150 Experience sm.png 6 Power sm.png
3 Water sm.png
1 350 Experience sm.png 15 Power sm.png
8 Water sm.png
  • Access to AP-16 Atmospheric Probe and AP-28 Atmospheric Probe contracts above
2 550 Experience sm.png 27 Power sm.png
15 Water sm.png
  • Access to AP-33 Atmospheric Probe and AP-41 Atmospheric Probe contracts above
3 1,200 Experience sm.png 58 Power sm.png
32 Water sm.png
  • Access to AP-59 Atmospheric Probe and AP-66 Atmospheric Probe contracts above
Total/Max 2,250 Experience sm.png 58 Power sm.png 32 Water sm.png


SQ Internal Info:
  • Name: Сборочный завод атмосферных зондов (translates to Assembly Plant atmospheric probes)
  • ID: 10100817 (atmospheric_sounders_assembly_factory_place)