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Arms Race XXV Background.png
"Megapolis is hosting military contests. It's a great opportunity to not only earn military influence points, but also compete for superiority in the Arms Race!"

"The residents ask the Mayor to: hold Arms Race XXV"

"Produce military tech and carry out military operations to get military influence points. Get excellent prizes and become the victor of Arms Race XXV!"

Arms Race XXV is the twenty-fifth Military contest released by Social Quantum. It is a timed contest in which the player has 7 days to construct military buildings or prototypes and complete operations to accrue military influence points toward placement on a leaderboard comprising 30 players. It was released as part of an update on Thu June 27, 2019[1].

In the contest there are six leagues in which the player is assigned to it, dependent on his miltary rank:


These buildings are the prizes the lucky few at the top of the leader boards will get at the end of the event.

3rd Position2nd Position1st Position
Any Leagues01 x BC (10) Certificate 10.pngBronze TEL-67 MonumentSilver TEL-67 MonumentGold TEL-67 Monument
Bronze TEL-67 Monument.png
Silver TEL-67 Monument.png
Gold TEL-67 Monument.png
For all three variations:
2x4 plot
Instant build
5,000 Experience sm.png and 80,000 Population Limits.png
Can be sold for 400,000 Coin sm.png


SQ Internal Info:
  • Name: Гонка вооружений XXV (translates to Arms race XXV)
  • ID: 10108160 (competition_military_event25)