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Architectural Renovation Background.png
Architectural Renovation is a timed quest in which the player has 168 hours to build and upgrade 6 new fixed structures with assets and/or diagrams leading to exclusive rewards.[1]
Requires Level 30
Character Miner.png
Turn the ruined fortress into an unusual and stunningly picturesque Hotel Complex.
An ancient fortress - one of Tourist Island's biggest attractions - has turned into ruins. But the latest trends can give this place a new life!
The residents ask the Mayor to: Preserve the Ancient Fortress
The latest trends in architecture offer a blend of the latest technologies with the charm of antiquity! Become a master of architectural renovation and turn the ruins of the fortress into a luxury hotel!
This timed quest requires Megabucks sm.png (for assets, if purchased) and Coin sm.png (for contracts, diagrams, buildings and foundation purchases).
The step rewards (except for assets, structures and certificates) accumulates to Experience sm.png and Coin sm.png.

Stage 1 - Abandoned Fort

Quest Floating City (Step).png
"Why demolish old buildings if you can give them a second life? I think that the abandoned fort on the Tourist Island would make a great hotel!"

"Go to Tourist Island to assess the prospects of the new project!"

80px Go to Tourist Island


"Excellent! Time to get to work!"
  • 300 Experience sm.png
  • 700 Coin sm.png

Stage 2 - Adaptive Renovation

Quest Adaptive Renovation.png
"Have you heard about the latest trends in the world of architecture? Adaptive renovation allows you to adapt old buildings for new purposes while preserving their features at the same time!"

"Start the construction of the Architectural Renovation Center to give the abandoned fort a new life."

80px Start building the Architectural Renovation Center


"Excellent! You're in line with the latest trends!"
  • 330 Experience sm.png
  • 900 Coin sm.png

Stage 3 - Brilliant Potential

Quest Brilliant Potential.png
"Experts believe that the old fort has huge potential! To reveal it, you will need the Architectural Renovation Center."

"Build the Architectural Renovation Center and start working on the Aerial Terrace Hotel!"

80px Build the Architectural Renovation Center
80px Start building the Aerial Terrace Hotel


"Brilliant! Here is your reward – building materials. Use them wisely!"

Stage 4 - Project Preparation

Quest Project Preparation.png
"The transformation of the old fort is in full swing. Why not update the other buildings in the dilapidated fortress?"

"Build the Aerial Terrace Hotel and plan the renovation of other buildings!"

80px Build the Aerial Terrace Hotel
80px Complete the Preparing the Renovation Project contract


"The plan is ready! All that remains is to make it a reality!"
  • 370 Experience sm.png
  • 1,500 Coin sm.png

Stage 5 - Old Tower

Quest Old Tower.png
"What do you see when you look at the ruined tower? I see a future restaurant, worthy of its own page in the Michelin catalog. Let's build it!"

"Continue to renovate the old buildings, and don't forget to celebrate the grand opening of the hotel! Everything should be at the highest level!"

80px Start building the Astronomy Theater
80px Build the Old Tower Restaurant
80px Accept the Hotel Opening Ceremony contract


"Good work, Mayor! Keep it up!"
  • 400 Experience sm.png
  • 1,800 Coin sm.png

Stage 6 - Culinary Duel

Quest Culinary Duel.png
"Knightly duels have been left in the distant past, and the watchtower has been turned into a restaurant... What if we remember the old times and have a culinary duel?"

"Continue the construction work and organize a culinary duel! It's time to find out who cooks the best chops!"

80px Build the Astronomy Theater Frame
80px Complete the Culinary Duel contract


"The hotel guests appreciated the talent of the chefs! Arrange these shows more often to increase revenue."
  • 450 Experience sm.png
  • 2,200 Coin sm.png

Stage 7 - Space Opera

Quest Space Opera.png
"The ruined palace would make a great theater, but not just any theater - it will be astronomical! Let's built it!"

"What can be seen at the Astronomical Theater? A planetary parade and even a real space opera! You simply must be in the front row!"

80px Build the Scientific Astronomy Theater
80px Start building the Breeze Yacht Club
80px Accept the Space Opera contract


"You did a brilliant job with the task! Your reward is a Building Coupon for 10 materials."

Stage 8 - Old and New

Quest Old and New (Step).png
"The ruined buildings are transformed by the renovation! The combination of ancient architecture and modern glass elements is mind-blowing!"

"Build an Architectural History Museum so that tourists can discover what the abandoned fort once looked like."

80px Build the Breeze Yacht Club Frame
80px Build the Architectural History Museum


"Outstanding! As a reward for the work you've done, you've received valuable materials. You will find them in your Storehouse."

Stage 9 - Fashionable Hobby

Quest Fashionable Hobby.png
"The architects have focused their attention on the ruins of a military fortress on the water. A little effort can turn it into a modern yacht club!"

"Yachting continues to gain popularity among the citizens! Build a Yacht Club for those who love the sea breeze and hurry to a lecture on the history of architecture."

80px Build the Breeze Yacht Club
80px Complete the Architectural History Lecture contract


"Outstanding work! Please accept your well-earned prize of new building materials!"

Stage 10 - Yachting Extravaganza

Quest Yachting Extravaganza.png
"All hands on deck! Fair winds and seven feet under the keel! A yachting extravaganza is planned at the new yacht club. You can't miss a spectacle like that!"

"Build the Aerial Terrace Luxury Hotel to accommodate everyone who wants to take part in the yachting extravaganza!"

80px Upgrade the Aerial Terrace Hotel to the Aerial Terrace Luxury Hotel
80px Accept the Yachting Extravaganza contract


"A sailing regatta, a water show and a sea village - all of this is part of the yachting extravaganza! It's worth making this impressive event a fixture of the island!"

Stage 11 - Princesses and Astronauts

Quest Princesses and Astronauts.png
"An Astronomy Theater is great, but modern technology can do even more! Build an Augmented Reality Theater and discover a new dimension of entertainment!"

"You've managed to combine the charm of antiquity with modern architecture! Keep it up and throw a Princesses and Astronauts party, where a fabulous past meets a fantastic future."

80px Upgrade the Astronomy Theater to the Augmented Reality Theatre
80px Complete the Princesses and Astronauts Costume Party contract


"That's the ticket! You are one step away from completing the work and getting the amazing prize!"

Stage 12 - Aerial Terrace

Quest Aerial Terrace.png
"You did a great job and turned the ruined fort into an architectural miracle!"

"Upgrade the Aerial Terrace Luxury Hotel and turn it into a luxury Hotel Complex!"

80px Upgrade the Aerial Terrace Luxury Hotel to the Aerial Terrace Hotel Complex


"Great work! You gave a second life to old buildings and got the Business Gallery Office Center as a reward!"
  • 800 Experience sm.png
  • 7,200 Coin sm.png
  • Business Gallery Office Center


For completing Stage 12

  • Business Gallery Office Center
Achievement after building the Business Gallery Office Center
Renovation Master

"You gave a second life to an abandoned fortress and got the Business Gallery Office Center and a new achievement - Renovation Master."

  • 30,000 Coin sm.png
  • 1,000 Experience sm.png
  • 3 Megabucks sm.png