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Set Age of Enlightenment.png

Age of Enlightenment is a collection of Wheel of Fortune buildings that can be accessed through the Extra building menu and is available for a limited time.

It was first available for a limited time on Mon February 6, 2017[1], again on Mon May 21, 2018.

Buildings Available

Age of Enlightenment
Mediateca Sandro Penna.png
Kansas City Library.png
Clifton Library.png
Mediateca Sandro Penna Kansas City Library Clifton Library
2x2 Plot
1 minute build
3x2 Plot
1 minute build
2x2 Plot
1 minute build
21 Power sm.png and 12 Water sm.png 36 Power sm.png and 20 Water sm.png 25 Power sm.png and 16 Water sm.png
7,700 Population Limits.png and 400 Experience sm.png 14,000 Population Limits.png and 920 Experience sm.png 11,800 Population Limits.png and 880 Experience sm.png
200 Coin sm.png and 8 Experience sm.png every 3 hours
Coin per Minute: 1.11 Coin sm.png
XP per Minute: 0.04 Experience sm.png
620 Coin sm.png and 23 Experience sm.png every 5 hours
Coin per Minute: 2.07 Coin sm.png
XP per Minute: 0.08 Experience sm.png
720 Coin sm.png and 24 Experience sm.png every 7 hours
Coin per Minute: 1.71 Coin sm.png
XP per Minute: 0.06 Experience sm.png
Can be sold for 300 Coin sm.png Can be sold for 300 Coin sm.png Can be sold for 300 Coin sm.png
Macquarie Library.png
Leuven Library.png
Cornell Library.png
Macquarie Library Leuven Library Cornell Library
4x2 Plot
1 minute build
3x2 Plot
1 minute build
3x2 Plot
1 minute build
56 Power sm.png and 36 Water sm.png 44 Power sm.png and 28 Water sm.png 55 Power sm.png and 32 Water sm.png
27,100 Population Limits.png and 2,700 Experience sm.png 26,200 Population Limits.png and 2,500 Experience sm.png 38,000 Population Limits.png and 2,800 Experience sm.png
2,400 Coin sm.png and 76 Experience sm.png every 9 hours
Coin per Minute: 4.44 Coin sm.png
XP per Minute: 0.14 Experience sm.png
2,400 Coin sm.png and 70 Experience sm.png every 10 hours
Coin per Minute: 4 Coin sm.png
XP per Minute: 0.12 Experience sm.png
3,600 Coin sm.png and 94 Experience sm.png every 12 hours
Coin per Minute: 5 Coin sm.png
XP per Minute: 0.13 Experience sm.png
Can be sold for 300 Coin sm.png Can be sold for 300 Coin sm.png Can be sold for 300 Coin sm.png

Reward Building

After obtaining all Age of Enlightenment buildings through the Wheel of Fortune, you receive:

Chicago Library

Chicago Library
  • 4x3
  • 1 minute build
  • 130 Power sm.png and 120 Water sm.png
  • 7,700 Experience sm.png and 128,000 Population Limits.png
  • 23,500 Coin sm.png and 480 Experience sm.png every 15 hours
    Coin per Minute: 26.11 Coin sm.png
    XP per Minute: 0.53 Experience sm.png
  • Can be sold for 700 Coin sm.png

Achievement after building the Chicago Library
Educator Architect

"You built the Chicago Library and got a new achievement – Educator Architect. Tell the news to your friends!"

  • 20,000 Coin sm.png
  • 800 Experience sm.png