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For cost of expansion using Acts of Territorial Expansion, see Expansions.

An Act of Territorial Expansion ready to be sent as a free gift on iOS.

Act of Territorial Expansion.png

The Act of Territorial Expansion is a special gift that can be sent to or received from your neighbors. When you have collected enough, they can be used to expand your game zone. For example, 2 Acts of Territorial Expansion are required for the 11x11 expansion in Zone 2 of the mainland.

These Acts can only be sent if you have them available to send. You may receive them along with your assets to be sent out as gifts.

You cannot put Act of Territorial Expansion on your wish list. Nor it can bought from anywhere.


SQ Internal Info:
  • Name: Документ на расширение территории (translates to Document on the expansion of the territory)
  • ID: 24533 (act_of_expanding)