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• 12/2/2018


Can I still get airport unique materials, such as baggage cart, from airports in tourist island and Las Megas? Someone please tell me.

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• 12/2/2018

Please help😃

Hey, can someone please tell me if there's an hack or a cheat to have timed quests after even years they finished? Thanks

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• 11/23/2018

Timed quests, help!!

Hi! I'm Luca and i installed Megapolis 2 weeks ago... visiting other cities i saw other people have more thins than me, like an island with a lot of Castles (Neuschwanstein,...) and with some researches i saw it was a timed quest from 2013... how can i have thosei buildings today?? Thanks😃😊😊

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• 11/16/2018

Train stations?? Help!!

I have 4 train stations built and 3 of them are connected, it wont let me send trains to the newest station. It just says building is not built yet and then when I click on that it says I have maxed out the allowed buildings. Do I have to upgrade the main station 4/4 to be able to add routes to the station? Or do i have to hit a certain rank to unlock more? I'm a 70 right now. Please help!

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• 10/23/2018

Railroad unique materials

Is the chance of collecting unique railroad materials such as steam locomotive cards the same when collecting when the station reached limit for passengers and tax or collect at any time?

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• 10/17/2018
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• 9/28/2018

State and Capital

Can someone, briefly, explain the benefits of joining a State.

I know I can ask fellow members for materials, but other than that - what else do I get, if anything at all, for my Megapolis city??


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• 9/16/2018

ask post things/wishlist

when you hit ask why are you only able to add the things you ask for to wishlist and can't post things anymore?
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• 9/3/2018

what happened to the mining industry on the map?

was it cancelled in favor of the industrial complex?
also what happened to the space launch facility?
(yes i do know this map was Pre-las megas and before the railway transportation update) (6/25/2014)

this also asks why it shows a wheel bucket excavator in the old trailer :
Post image
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• 7/25/2018

how to give expansions

someone knows how to give an expansion to a neighbor of the slum without first seeing the area built to free it, I do not know if I made myself understood
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• 6/20/2018

Lost Island

Hi, do you know if the tools in lost island stay for the next event of this sort or do I have to use them all now?
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• 6/5/2018


Can anyone tell me how one gets the "ADDITIONAL OIL DEPOT" and what it does?
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• 3/6/2018

Marina or Overpass?

Haven't played MG since 2014, but I decided to get back in it. I'm level 39, and I'm at a crossroad between the Marina and Overpass. Which project should I begin building?
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• 2/17/2018

Building Lists

Is there a way to download a list of buildings off this wiki? maybe into excel to keep track of which buildings are placed.
it would be cool if there was a checkmark tied to our account to keep track online, but maybe thats beyond wiki capabilities?
this has probably been asked, but I didnt find it. :)
thanks for any help.
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• 2/10/2018

black copies of buildings

where are people getting these?
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• 2/8/2018


Is there a way to aquire assets besides sending back and forth between neighbors? I am so short on a lot of different constructions.
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• 2/2/2018

Central Station Question

What do the two numbers in the top-right box (X/Y) represent? I know X is the total production of all of your internal stations. But what is Y? I figured it was the capacity of central station, but it never gets to 100%- when I upgrade stations and add more passenger capacity, it just increases!
Thank you
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• 2/2/2018

State Experience

Does anyone know what state experience does for you once your state has reached level 4?
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• 1/16/2018

Index of own constructions

Is there a possibility to get an index with coordinates of all the buildings you have build in Megapolis ?
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• 1/13/2018

Can't Send Trains To Built Pircardie Station

I recently built the Pircardie train station and it is currently on its first level but when I go to my Central Station and edit the route of a train (eg removing the Busan station from the train's route and sending it to the Pircardie station instead) it is telling me that the Pircardie station has to be upgraded to Service Platforms (final level/level 4) before I can send train's to it. This is happening with all of my local trains. This can't be correct as when I click the Pircardie station it is showing me the passenger income ect which is obviously 0 as it's not letting me send any of my train's there. Is this a glitch in my game because I really don't think this should be happening when the station is built?
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